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May. 18th, 2015 07:20 am
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Questions? Comments? Concerns? Want to get in touch with David IC or OOC? This post is the place.

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May. 19th, 2015 05:24 am
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AGE Unknown
HOMETOWN Santa Carla, California?
SPECIES Vampire 
OTHERS Lone vampire, Hired muscle
FANDOM The Lost Boys


His left ear is pierced. His earring is a thin piece of twisted metal with a strip of leather attached to the end.

This is a long wool jacket with leather inner. It resembles an old military jacket.

This is a five-pointed Maltese cross over a red background, topped by a crown. A European military medal of some kind. David is reticent about it.

He usually wears a black tee shirt, black pants, black motorcycle boots, and black gloves.

His bike is a 1987 Harley Davidson Sportster with an 1100cc engine. It's been modified over the years, but he keeps it in as close to peak condition as possible.


David is the former leader of the Lost Boys, a group of vampires and one of the most powerful motorcycle gangs in Santa Carla, California. Charismatic and seemingly unflappable, his reign extended to most of Santa Carla. Those who crossed David and the Lost Boys ended up dead or missing, and David turned vampires on a whim or when he found it amusing.

When he met Michael Emerson, he attempted to goad the half-vampire Star into killing him and becoming a fully-fledged vampire. When that didn't work, he convinced Michael to join them, almost getting him killed several times before eventually turning him into a half-vampire.

David managed to avoid death at the hands of Michael and the Frog Brothers, and after his losses against them, he vowed revenge. He's been on the move since, looking for a new city to rule.

He's tight-lipped about his history, and the only clues that he might be older than he looks is the medal that he wears attached to his jacket. In reality, David was turned in Santa Carla in 1906, during a visit to a popular seaside resort. The 1906 earthquake hit San Francisco, and nearby Santa Carla was also devastated. The resort fell from Hudson's Bluff after the land it was on collapsed, and an injured David was turned by resort owner, Max.
David is...
  • FIRE
  • INVITATION TO ENTER A HOME - ("Never invite a vampire into your house...it renders you powerless" hints that they CAN enter homes uninvited, but cannot remain undetected while doing so, as Max remained undetected during his dinner with Lucy, Sam, and the Frog brothers.)
  • LIMITED ABILITY TO AFFECT MACHINES (eg: flying with motorcycle, stereo reacting violently to vampire being staked and hitting it, cause machine to malfunction/figure out how it works)
( codes by whambam )
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Adrien de Moulins (Adrien Molyneux) | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: https://demoulins.dreamwidth.org/671.html
  2. Writing Sample: https://demoulins.dreamwidth.org/4557.html
  3. Rp Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/389842.html (Sample is from his old incarnation)
  4. Links to world background can be found at https://demoulins.dreamwidth.org/tag/info:+general
Adrien will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy clean, with none of his previous history from Tenebrae Nostro, Six Word Stories, or the other communities he's been played in.

Gregorio D'Ambrosio | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: https://gregorio.dreamwidth.org/1563.html
  2. Writing Sample: http://gregorio.dreamwidth.org/1166.html
  3. Rp Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/389842.html (Sample is from Adrien Molyneux's old incarnation. Gregorio is a new character)
  4. Links to world background can be found at http://gregorio.dreamwidth.org/tag/info:+general
Gregorio is a new character and will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate.

Gabriel Bolivar | Canon Character | The Strain (book canon) | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: https://bolivar.dreamwidth.org/1260.html
  2. Writing Sample: https://demoulins.dreamwidth.org/4557.html (Bolivar is a new character, sample is from Adrien.)
  3. Rp Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/389842.html (Adrien's old character) https://sixwordstories.dreamwidth.org/69862518.html?thread=4340110966#cmt4340110966 (One more recent, for Bolivar)
  4. Links to world background can be found at https://bolivar.dreamwidth.org/505.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Strain http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fall_%28del_Toro_and_Hogan_novel%29 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Night_Eternal http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Strain_%28TV_series%29 (The TV series isn't bad but it does put a little more emphasis on Eichorst early on that wasn't on him in the book. Most of the major points are pretty much the same.)
Bolivar is a new character and is coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate.

No-Prey-Remains (Mike Smith) | Canon, but so much fanon. So much. | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Rokea) | Alignment: Neutral
  1. Character Bio: http://no-prey-remains.dreamwidth.org/profile
  2. Writing Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/422471.html
  3. Rp Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/503082.html
  4. Background Info: http://no-prey-remains.dreamwidth.org/profile Most information can be found in links on his profile.
No-Prey-Remains will be retaining most of his previous history, with the exception of characters he used to RP with who are coming in with a clean slate.

David | Canon Character | The Lost Boys | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: http://boardwalkking.dreamwidth.org/745.html
  2. Writing Sample: [New character, will be filled in later]
  3. RP Sample: [New character, will be filled in later]
  4. Background info: http://lostboys.wikia.com/wiki/David , http://lostboys.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lost_Boys
David is a new character and will be coming into Morbid Aristocracy with a clean slate, and will be mostly set present day, about twenty-eight years after the events of the movie, but will be available for some limited past RP.

David Everett (Taliesin Rhys Gwillt) | Original Character | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Bastet) | Alignment: Saint
  1. Character Bio: http://taliesinrhys.dreamwidth.org/5387.html
  2. Writing Sample: http://taliesinrhys.dreamwidth.org/6048.html
  3. Rp Sample: http://tenebrae-nostro.livejournal.com/512513.html
  4. Background Info: http://taliesinrhys.dreamwidth.org/tag/character+info
I am keeping his previous CR intact as much as possible...with a twist. He's changed identities, as Ceilican do at least once a year, and as David Everett, he won't know anyone.

Kevin Hawking | Original Character | Werewolf: The Apocalypse (Black Spiral Dancer) | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: http://corrupted-wolf.dreamwidth.org/profile
  2. Writing Sample: http://corrupted-wolf.dreamwidth.org/6835.html
  3. RP Sample: http://morbidaristocracy.dreamwidth.org/15487.html
  4. Background Info: http://corrupted-wolf.dreamwidth.org/tag/%5Binformation%5D
Kevin is coming into MA with most of his CR intact.

Danilo D'Ambrosio | Original Character | Sanguinem | Alignment: Sinner
  1. Character Bio: http://danilo.dreamwidth.org/1391.html
  2. Writing Sample: New Character, using one of the previous samples
  3. RP Sample: New character, using one of the previous samples
  4. Background Info: http://danilo.dreamwidth.org/tag/info:general
Danilo is a new character and is only bringing in his CR with Gregorio and Adrien.

The Doctor | Canon Character | Doctor Who | Alignment: Saint
  1. Character Bio: http://agooddalek.dreamwidth.org/782.html
  2. Writing Sample: Using one of the previous samples
  3. RP Sample: Using one of the previous samples
  4. Background Info: http://agooddalek.dreamwidth.org/782.html, http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Time_Lord, http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Ninth_Doctor, http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Gallifreyan_physiology
The Doctor is a new character and has no previous CR to bring with him.
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Doing a little reorganizing of David's history, as I found a little information about a prequel that never happened that talks about David's history and when he was mortal. It won't affect any of his RP, since he hasn't talked about his history, and usually doesn't.

Quote in question is:

“There were great [follow-up] ideas. Joel had one that was a prequel dating back all the way to the earthquake in San Francisco. The one we talk about in the original. The whole thing I found interesting was that once you were a vampire you go back to that youthful state. The prequel was always going to follow David when he was mortal before he got sucked into the earthquake and got turned. That was Joel’s idea and I thought that was really cool. But apparently Joel was really busy, Warner Bros. was really busy and it didn’t happen.”
— Kiefer Sutherland, on a Lost Boys prequel
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((I totally ripped off this character development exercise. I am not sorry.))

The hotel was built in the late 1930s by a local real estate tycoon, looking to turn the cheap land around it, mostly warehouses and docks, into a resort for wealthy visitors to New York City. Unfortunately for the tycoon, his investment failed to take off. The warehouses were still in use by the railroads, and they refused to sell. The water wasn't popular with the visitors. Unlike the water of more popular beaches, the water near the Mersea was too close to shipping lanes and sewer run-off, and water quality suffered as a result. The hotel was closed in 1964, barely twenty-five years after it opened. The Mersea was bought by one investor after another, but none held onto it for more than a few years before selling again. The cost of restoring the grand old hotel were too much, compared to its location. Eventually the hotel was bought by an investor from Santa Carla, California by the name of David Martin.

The hotel is decorated at least partially in the art deco style popular at the time, though their first owner's penchant for unreasonable excess is clearly visible. Geometric patterns etched into the doors and the stained glass of the windows outline angels. The lobby and many of the upper floors are decorated in marble and heavy luxury carpet. Most of the fixtures are plated with what appears at first to be gold. The lighting has a subtle amber cast.

The glass doors of the main entrance have long since been broken, locked, and boarded over. The main entrance itself consists of two sets of glass doors and a revolving door. None of them are open, and the revolving door has been disassembled and boarded up. The boards themselves have been broken, spray painted, and replaced many times. The canopy extends out over a circular drop-off area, but the glass has long since been broken and none of the lights remain.

Walking into the main lobby, visitors first arrive in a two-story, rounded entryway, with a large, round mosaic pattern of marble in the floor. On either side, staircases run up to the second floor. What was probably originally a bar and social area for visitors can just barely be seen from the entryway, looking up the stairs. Walking past the staircases, the main desk is situated between two banks of elevators. Seating areas on either side of the lobby feature gas fireplaces. All of the furniture is covered in heavy cloth, making it appear to be a sea of ghosts.

On either side of the banks of elevators, one comes to staircases leading down into the dark. In earlier days, the hotel had its own entrance to the subway station underneath it, but with the closing of the hotel, declining ridership, short platform length, and a tight turn modern trains would have to make to get into the subway station, the station has been closed since the late 1960s. In 1974, a new track was opened, linking the stations on either side of the hotel. The station underneath is abandoned, with trains no longer using it even to turn around. The tracks have been taken up and the tunnel partially barricaded to discourage squatters.

To the left of the main desk, past the elevators and the staircase to the subway, a door opens up to a small unloading area, about the size of a tractor trailer. Originally the hotel's deliveries area, it is littered with broken pallets and crates. The freight elevator does not work. The overhead door at the end is new, and David's motorcycle is usually parked inside, when he is at the hotel.

Going up the main staircase, one would have been originally greeted with a large bar and restaurant area. Most of the tables have since been removed, though the bar is still intact. Couches and heavy, overstuffed chairs from elsewhere in the hotel have been moved down to this area and arranged into a rough living space. A king-size bed sits in one corner, with clothes line holding up a thick curtain all the way around the bed. A new refrigerator hums quietly behind the bar, along with a collection of new and vintage booze. A new TV hangs on one wall, with a DVD player and a remote on the coffee table beneath it. The area is scattered with table lamps and floor lamps to replace the broken chandeliers.

The dust in the carpets grows thicker, farther away from these main areas, and the elevators are hung with "Out of Order" signs. Other areas in the hotel are off limits and, from the look of caving in roofs, broken windows, and exposed insulation, probably a health hazard.

Mail is sent to a post office box and usually picked up once a week, after the post office closes, by David himself.
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For someone whose experiences with the ocean weren't always pleasant, he ended up near the sea a lot, David acknowledged to himself as he walked down a row of shops. On the west coast or the east, he inevitably ended up near the sea. And Coney Island was the perfect place. The amusement park lit up the night, music came from everywhere, and all around, he was surrounded by a mass of warm blood that no one would miss. It was, in some ways, better for a vampire than Santa Carla had been. In other ways, not so much. He was getting tired of being alone.

The vampire pulled a cigarette from his jacket and lit it, then shoved his hand in his pocket as he walked down the sidewalk. He stopped in front of a bar and chuckled softly at the decor. The Freak Bar. A circus sideshow turned into dinner and a show. He blew smoke at the sign and laughed. He made a mental note to come back, when he was feeling hungry.  Who'd miss a tourist or two who came to Coney Island for the Boardwalk and never left?

He turned to walk down the sidewalk again, still chuckling softly. Someone bumped his shoulder, hard, and David had to swallow the urge to bare fangs at group of humans. Drunk humans, he amended, wrinkling his nose at the overpowering scent of alcohol. He looked between the five of them as they laughed and pushed one of their number towards him.

The one who'd bumped him looked David up and down, laughed to his friends, and then stuck a finger on David's jacket. "Nice mullet, man. You know, you should really watch where you're going. Hillbillies don't wanna get lost, ya know?" 

David rolled his eyes, then reached forward, lightning quick, to grab both the man's chin and his finger. He held them both in a punishing grip and said softly, "I could break your finger or your neck, your choice."

"Hey, we didn't mean any trouble. No trouble, right guys?" He tried to turn his head, but David held him still. The others just shook their heads in agreement. "Just let me go, alright?"

"Well, maybe just this once." David let his chin go and shoved him away with enough force to topple the drunk man down before moving on down the sidewalk, laughing.
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The numerous small edits to David's profile are me remembering things, with wiki prompting, that need to be included in his bio. The movie is not always clear about the reasoning behind some of what happens, and so I've been relying on wiki entries to clear some of my confusion up, at least until I can afford to nab a copy of the book, which should help with things.
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This took me half the night and I will post it here, damn it.

Large image below the cut... )
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 Just a few headcanon conclusions I've made about David. They may be expanded later. Keep in mind I haven't read the novel because it's ridiculously expensive.
  • David has a need to be in charge (and a pretty large rebellious streak). As seen when he terrorizes people who cross him (the police officer, Max, and the Emersons) and uses people as leverage to get what he wants (threatening Star to get Michael to come with the Boys to feed). If he can't be in charge or is publicly rebuked, he lashes out with the intent to cause fear or death (Max and the police officer, respectively)
  • Ironically, eternally a teenager, at least in mentality, he also has a need to have a stronger vampire nearby, and others close to him. He cares for his family, in his own way.
  • As an unfilmed scene at the end of the movie was of a mural of Max from the early 1900s on the sunken hotel wall, Max was at least that old. David was turned during fighting in Europe. His jacket and medal were taken from his first kill, a fellow Allied soldier. When he returned to America and to California, he met Max, and the older vampire took on a kind of fatherly role (which David sometimes resented). David became the public "leader" of the vampires Max turned.
  • David finds people who stubbornly resist him (without actually harming him or his allies) interesting, and enjoys pushing them to see how far they'll go.
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A last fire will rise behind those eyes
Black house will rock, blind boys don't lie
Immortal fear, that voice so clear
Through broken walls, that scream I hear

Cry, little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come to your brother (Thou shall not die)
Unchain me, sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)

Blue masquerade, strangers look on
When will they learn this loneliness?
Temptation heat beats like a drum
Deep in your veins, I will not lie...

... To little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come to your brother (Thou shall not die)
Unchain me, sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)

My Shangri-Las
I can't forget
Why you were mine
I need you now

Cry, little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother (Thou shall not die)
Unchain me, sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)

Cry, little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Come, come to your brother (Thou shall not die)
Unchain me, sister (Thou shall not fear)
Love is with your brother (Thou shall not kill)

Cry... little sister (Thou shall not fall)
Thou shall not die
Thou shall not fear (Unchain me sister)
Thou shall not kill...

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Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
Say hello to the night
Lost in the loneliness
Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
No one knows

I can't wait, I can't wait, no
When I see little lights in the shadows
One must hide when the sun gets higher
I don't know what this madness means

Here comes the night, the bedroom in shadows
Candlelights, I don't know where it's coming from
But I, I keep moving on
Till the darkest thought makes me want to try these wings

Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
Say hello to the night
Lost in the loneliness
Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
No one knows

Loneliness pours over you
Emptiness can pull you through
Did you go to sleep with the light on?
I can't wait for this feeling to free me

Wind blows hard, but it doesn't matter
'Cause when the sun goes down
Nothing else matters, the line is where the night lies
I will wait outside her window tonight

Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
Say hello to the night
Lost in the loneliness
Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
No one knows

Loneliness pours over you
Emptiness can pull you through
Did you go to sleep with the light on?
I can't wait for this feeling to free me

Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
Say hello to the night
Lost in the loneliness
Say hello to the night
Lost in the shadows
No one knows